eFoil on Lake Como


eFoil on Lake Como

Practicing eFoil is a unique experience to get in touch with nature and explore the wonders of the coastline and small villages directly overlooking the water with zero emissions!

Cruising with an eFoil is a relaxing and enjoyable activity to experience the magnificent landscapes and glimpses of Lake Como at its best and in absolute freedom.

Among the different sports that can be experienced on Lake Como, eFoil requires good balance and possibly having already used or practiced disciplines such as Surfing, Wakesurfing or Kitesurfing.

If you have never used eFoil WEC offers lessons dedicated to acquire the technique and practice on your own in absolute freedom.

eFoil is an exciting and thrilling activity suitable for those who want an unforgettable nature experience.


eFoil Rental and Lessons

eFoil rental service is available 7 days a week from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. upon availability and reservation.

For advanced users, rental only is possible after a water trial to assess the individual sportsman's actual ability.

For those who wish to approach the practice of eFoil, and have little experience, it is mandatory to take at least one hour of lessons to allow the sportsman to acquire basic techniques and safety in conducting it before totally handing it over to him.

Requirements - have good balance and swimming skills, love nature and spirit of adventure!


eFoil Rates


The Lift Foil 4.9 Pro is the model at the top of the sport: the board's compact size makes you feel like you're flying over nothing, and the response as you turn is the freest feeling you can have on the water.

This is the lightest board in the range that is extremely easy to handle for carrying and carving to the limit on the water.

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eFOIL ONLY 90€ 160 € 240 € 320 €
eFOIL + LESSON 140 € 260 € 340€ 400€

eFoil Features

The Lift 4 eFoil is the most advanced, high-performance product on the market:

  • Speed 30 Knt [Fastest]
  • Runtime 2 Hours
  • 4'.9" feet Carbon Board
  • Mast, 28" in Carbon
  • 210" Carbon front wing for extreme carving
  • 48" Carbon Rear Wing for speed and maneuverability

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I contact Water Experience Center for eFoil availability, indicating the day and time I am interested in.
You must present at least one identification document, ID Card or Passport in order to sign the rental agreement for the eFoil
YES! You must make a reservation by email, WhatsApp or telephone to WEC, indicating the day and time you wish to practice the Activity. When booking, you will need to provide personal details, a telephone number and an email in order to receive the payment link and consequently the booking confirmation. You can send your request directly from the form on this page or from the contact form on the website.
A Security Deposit of €500 is required to Rent the eFoil in case of any damages caused by the driver during the rental period. THE AMOUNT IS NOT TAKEN FROM THE ACCOUNT but only blocked as a security deposit. The security deposit can ONLY be made by Credit Cards of the major circuits: Visa, Mastercard. NO debit cards or cell phone payment apps are accepted. In order to have confirmation of the reservation before the rental, we recommend that you also provide your personal Credit Card information by Email; it will help us shorten the time to fill out the mandatory contracts to be signed before leaving with the rental. The security deposit will be returned according to the terms of the issuing card's circuits, if the eFoil has no damage referable to the contractor.
NO. If the eFoil is damaged by the lessee, he/she is directly responsible for the damage done, which will be accounted for, after the return inspection, and must be settled immediately according to the lists shown to the lessee when signing the lease agreement; If the damage does not exceed the value of the deposit paid WEC may claim directly against it. If the value exceeds this, the lessee shall pay in full and immediately to the boat center for the damage done. No other forms of compensation other than the above are allowed.
In the case of online bookings, a payment link will be sent to confirm availability. The booking will only be confirmed upon payment of the service; failing this, WEC will be free to re-allocate the booked service to further customers who wish to [book and pay for it]. In the event of a physical presentation at our centre, and subject to availability, the service will be immediately purchased and paid for prior to use.
It is necessary to carry a valid ID, cash or credit card for payment. WEC will provide all necessary materials for eFoil use: life jackets, wetsuits for adults and children, watertight cell phone covers.
Yes! All technical equipment, clothing and gear needed to be able to carry out any activity is provided by WEC and included in the fee.
Italian law under the Consumer Code, pursuant to Article 7 of Law no. 229 of 29 July 2003 (Legislative Decree 6 September 2005, no. 206); under letter N. provides that leisure activities are NOT refundable if the contract provides for a specific date or period of performance. Having booked a service for a specific date and made the payment, you are not entitled to a refund. WEC, in order to accommodate you, provides for the issuance of a Voucher for the same service and the same amount to be used during the calendar season within which you made the booking.

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