SUP rental on Lake Como


SUP practice on the Lake

The discipline of SUP - Stand Up Paddle - has become popular in Italy in recent years thanks to the flexibility of use and the pleasure of paddling standing on a board similar to the one used in the Surf practice. Originating in Hawaii, it is the ideal sport to practice navigating the waters of Lake Como to discover places and beautiful scenery. The SUP is a complete discipline that embraces the needs of practitioners of water sports on board as wave surfing, kiteboarding, and windsurfing.

To practice Stand Up Paddling - SUP - it is necessary to maintain balance on the board and at the same time acquire the correct paddling technique to have stability and a smooth progression.


How to Practice and Rent SUP

SUP rental service is available 7 days a week from 9 am to 7 pm upon availability and reservation.

The rental is allowed from 8 years of age, the use of a life jacket is mandatory.

Requirements: a valid identification document and good swimming skills are required


SUP Rates

Among the various Water Sports, the SUP is suitable for everyone and allows you to navigate while enjoying the surrounding landscape and train balance, coordination, and endurance.

It can be practiced as a sport or in relaxation, to discover landscapes and views of Lake Como.

RATES 1 H 2 H 4 H 1 DAY
SUP 20 € 35 € 60 € 100 €


I contact the Water Experience Center for availability to practice SUP, indicating the day and time I am interested in.
It is necessary to present at least one valid identification document, ID Card or Passport.
It is necessary to make a reservation by email or by phone at the WEC, indicating the day and the time when you want to practice SUP. When booking you will need to provide personal details, a phone number and an email to receive confirmation of booking.
Payment will be made at the Water Experience Center [WEC] either before or after practicing SUP. Payment can be made in cash or by credit card.
It is necessary to bring a valid ID, cash or credit card for payment. WEC will provide all the necessary equipment to use the Kayaks: life jackets, paddles, waterproof bags for personal items, wetsuits for adults and children, waterproof covers for cell phones.
Yes! All technical equipment, clothing and gear needed to be able to perform any activity is provided by WEC and included in the fee.

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