Wakesurf Lake Como


Wakesurf on Lake Como

Surfing on Lake Como is an unforgettable experience!

Wakesurfing is a sport that offers the opportunity to practice wave surfing towed by a motorboat that can create the perfect wave thanks to its technical features.

Our dedicated motorboat, a Mastercraft X30, equipped with 5 ballasts, flaps, and a second-generation surf system can create an exceptional wave to surf.

The computerized system can change the length and steepness of the wave for wake surfing and instantly move it from one side of the speedboat to the other.

Don't miss the opportunity to learn or practice Wakesurfing in one of the most beautiful sceneries of Lake Como; the Spot in front of the Water Experience Center - WEC - offers perfect conditions for surfing.

In Wakesurfing, the rider glides thanks to the pull of the tow line exactly as in Wakeboarding, then leaves it and continues surfing the wave of the motorboat, just like a surfer would do in the sea. The rider can customize the wake for different skill levels, to meet the needs of the Wakesurfer.


How to Rent and Practice Wakesurf

It is possible to practice Wakesurf 7 days a week, from 9 am to 7 pm upon reservation, especially during the high season [from June to September]. Reservations can be made by phone, via WhatsApp, or through the contact form.

The practice of wakesurfing is allowed from 8 years of age and is mandatory the use of a life jacket. It 'a discipline with a low physical impact, allowing it to be practiced by children up to people of advanced age. To practice is required a valid identification document and good swimming skills.

Wakesurf boards, life jackets, and all the necessary equipment for the practice are already present on board.

Requirements - Be at least 8 years old and have good swimming skills. Signed parental consent is required for minors.


Wakesurf Rates



Our new Mastercraft X30 is the perfect speedboat for Wakesurfing, designed specifically for water sports, it has a 380 hp engine and can accommodate up to 10 passengers. It is equipped with 5 ballasts and a second-generation Surf System to generate the perfect wave for Wakesurfing.

The computerized system onboard can move the wave from one side to the other of the wake to satisfy "Regular" and "Goofy" surfers.

Price: 4,0€/min, minimum 30 minutes at 120€.

WAKESURF MASTERCRAFT X30 120 € 240 € 4,00 €/MIN


I contact the Water Experience Center for availability to practice Wakesurf, indicating the day and time I am interested in.
It is necessary to make a reservation by email or by phone at the WEC, indicating the day and the time when you want to practice Wakesurf. When booking you will need to provide personal details, a phone number and an email to receive confirmation of booking.
It is necessary to present at least one valid identification document, ID Card or Passport.
Payment will be made at the Water Experience Center [WEC] either before or after practicing Wakesurf. Payment can be made in cash or by credit card.
It is necessary to bring a valid ID, cash or credit card for payment. WEC will provide all the material needed to practice Wakesurf: board, life jacket or impact vest, gloves if any.
Yes! All technical equipment, clothing and gear needed to be able to perform any activity is provided by WEC and included in the fee.

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