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With its 146 km2 (91 square miles) of surface, Lake Como is a paradise for lovers of Watercrafts and Jet Skis. It offers the opportunity to navigate and practice in absolute safety, offering riders magnificent landscapes and beautiful views.

The Nautical Base of the Water Experience Center is located in a strategic position within a bend of the lake that always offers flat water conditions and the possibility to reach by watercraft Magnificent villas and corners of unspoiled nature.

Do not miss the opportunity to live the experience of navigating Lake Como with a Watercraft or a Jet Ski by WEC, pure adrenaline and fun.


WEC makes available a fleet of Sea Doo GTI SE from 90 and 130 HP, a Yamaha Superjet and an assistance Kawasaki Ultra 260X.

Sea Doo Jet Skis for rent are homologated for three and offer the best security standards on the market. They are provided with Intelligent Braking System IBR, approved by U.S.A. Coast Guard to drastically reduce stopping time and distance.

They are all provided with a reverse gear and a boarding ladder for easy access.


Prior availability it is possible to reserve a Lake Como Tour starting from WEC base located in Faggeto Lario and with the company of an expert guide.

Itinerary and duration shall be defined with the guide in the initial briefing phase, at WEC nautical base.

The possibility to carry out the Tour or Endurance is subject to weather conditions and to the company of an instructor, whose task is to guide the rider and safeguard Lake Como navigation rules, as well as for the safety of pilots and passengers of Jet Skis and other watercrafts.

The maximum number of participants per Tour is 5, for a maximum of 2 rentable Watercrafts.

The hourly cost of the guide on the service Watercraft, inclusive of one passenger, is 180€.


The Jet Ski and Watercraft rental service are available 7 days a week from 09.00 to 13.00 and from 15.00 to 19.00, prior availability and reservation.

Rental is allowed from the age of 18 and is subject to the ownership of a valid boating license; during the rent, it is also compulsory to wear a life vest.

An ID card and a valid boating license are required to proceed with the Jet Ski rental.

It is necessary to show up 30 minutes before the rental reservation time.

SEA DOO GTI 90 180 € 3,00 €/min 3
SEA DOO GTI SE 130 180 € 3,00 €/min 3

Requirements – It is necessary to hold a valid Boating License, to be 18 years old onwards and to have good swimming abilities.


Jet Skis are equipped with:

  • Security electronic key disconnecting the battery to arrest the engine in case of accidental fall
  • Homologated dry powder fire extinguisher placed in the forepeak
  • Personal Mobile Radio with 10 km (6.2 miles) range, to always be in touch with WEC nautical base
  • Floating rope for tow in case of failure
  • Emergency retractable paddle

Driver and passenger are both equipped with homologated life vests

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I contact Water Experience Center to know the rental availability of the Watercraft or Jet Ski I am interested in, specifying selected day and time.

For drivers, it is compulsory to hold and present a valid Italian or foreign Boating License to proceed with the rental. It is also necessary to present a valid identification document, ID card or Passport.

Both will be registered for rent contract’s signing.

YES! You must absolutely respect Lake Como navigation rules for watercrafts.

Rules are presented by staff before rental and are written in the rent contract that needs to be signed.

In case of explicit violation of the navigation rules during the rental time, the Base staff, driving a WEC service watercraft, will reach the renter and immediately interrupt the service, towing the Jet Ski to the base.

In case of forced rental interruption for violation of navigation rules, as well as for safety reasons related to driver’s conduct, the renter will be compelled to pay 50€ for recovery service and will not lay claim to the remaining rental time contractually agreed.

WEC staff will present all navigation rules.

Main rules are as follows:

  1. 27 Mph / 50 kmh as maximum speed
  2. From 13.00 to 15.00 you are not allowed to navigate
  3. When approaching or leaving the shore, within 150 mt from the latter you must maintain a direction perpendicular to the coast and a maximum speed of 5 Mph
  4. Do not beach or moor the Jet Ski to shore
  5. Do not hinder in any way the shipping routes of public ferries and hydroplanes
  6. Keep distant from swimmers and standstill boats

It is necessary to reserve; contact WEC by mail or phone specifying number of people and of Jet Skis you wish to reserve, as well as the day and hour of rental.

During reservation phase, it will be necessary to provide your details, a telephone number, and an email to receive your reservation confirmation.

Payment will be made at Water Experience Center – WEC.

In the registration and contract’s signing phase, you will be asked a 300€ security deposit for possible damages the renter could make to the Jet Ski due to incautious usage.

At the end of the rental, following verification of Jet Ski integrity, the security deposit will be returned to the client or transferred if paid via Credit Card.

Security deposit and rental can be paid in cash or via Credit Card.

Beside personal security equipment, all Jet Skis have an onboard transceiver, a retractable paddle, a fire extinguisher, a security key to disable the engine, and a towing rope.

In addition to both personal and onboard security equipment, WEC base has a dedicated Watercraft and a motorboat equipped for rescue. Both can intervene in few minutes to assist clients and vehicles in need.


During the Jet Ski rental period, driver and possible passenger are insured against third party liability.

Jet Skis are not insured for damages caused to other vehicles from the driver; in this case, WEC will withhold the security deposit given during the signing of rental contract, without prejudice to the right of recourse for further damages.

Rental time is established based on availability and included in rental contract.

If you wish to extend the rental period during Jet Ski use, it is necessary to contact the base to verify feasibility; only once you get confirmation it will be possible to extend the rental period.

In case of agreed extension of rental period or in case of unjustified delay in vehicle restitution, there will be an additional charge of 3€ per every minute exceeding the agreed rental period.

Yes! WEC provides all technical material and clothing necessary to perform every activity and it is all included in the price of the service.

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