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WATER EXPERIENCE CENTERThe nautical base for water sports on Lake Como

From the passion of a group of sportsmen and professionals from the world of boating was born the project WEC, the nautical base for lovers of water sports on Lake Como. Years of practicing Wakesurfing, Sailing, Kitesurfing, Wakeboarding, Water Skiing, Watercraft, Stand Up Paddling, sailing from Africa to Polynesia, with the aim of launching a project not only related to sport, but also to experience, because water is a source of experience!

After years of exploring spots on five continents, we have chosen to open the Water Experience Center in one of the most evocative views of Lake Como.

Considered the most beautiful lake in the world, it offers heavenly conditions for the practice of water sports.

Come and practice your favorite sport at WEC, we will accompany you in an unforgettable experience.


  • Nautical Disciplines: Wakesurf – Wakeboard – Sci Nautico – Kitesurf- Vela – Immersioni – Jetski – SUP
  • Sports: Ski mountaineering – Telemark – Boxe – Yoga – Downhill
  • Spots: Sardinia- Cape Verde – Morocco – Barbados – Polinesia – Brasil – Kenya – Mauritius – Maldives.
  • Languages spoken: – English – French
  • Quote: “Ichinen iwa omo toosu”


  • Nautical disciplines: Wakesurfing – Wakeboarding – Water skiing – Watercraft – Sailing – Diving – SUP
  • Sports: Skiing – American Football – Tennis – Yoga – Downhill
  • Spots: Mediterranean – Canary Islands – Venezuela – Bahamas – Maldives – Kenya – Senegal – Morocco – Mexico
  • Languages spoken: – English – Spanish
  • Quote: “Il vento e le onde sono sempre a favore dei navigatori più abili”




JetSki and Watercraft


Kayak & SUP




Years practicing Kitesurf, Wakeboard, Water Skii, Wakesurf, Jet Ski and sailing disciplines


Guided by passion for water, we explored and practiced water sports in five continents


The safety of WEC customers is our priority. Water is our friend, it requires attention and respect

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